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Birthday of a King tells the story of a fabled and whimsical village that is getting ready for an annual birthday bash, but they have no idea for whom it’s celebrated!  On the eve of the party, the new schoolteacher, Miss Byrd, interrupts an official town meeting and proceeds to teach a history lesson.  The history  of the true King, a rebellious Royal Herald turned Jester turned King of Strings, a broken Ballerina, and the young Prince who gives his life to save her unfolds on the stage in unique musical style.  The story culminates when the empowered Prince swings his sword, declaring freedom for stage and audience alike. 


Birthday of a King has entertained and inspired audiences of all ages in the U.S.A. as well as internationally, since its first performance in December 2000.   Venues have ranged from an 8,000 seat concert arena to a church sanctuary that holds 100.   It has been staged in a palace theater in Russia as well as a high tech theater in Japan.  The show is available in the English, Russian and Spanish languages. 


Birthday of a King is a unique and fresh approach to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is appropriate for any time of the year, but has been used primarily at Christmas, although it is a very non-traditional Christmas setting.  For some churches, however, it has become a Christmas tradition!



     Approximately one hour and five minutes





Cast Requirements:

     Minimum cast of 29, maximum 100 or more which includes:

•Seven to ten main character adult or youth actors.  Must sing, dance, act

•Three to twelve children ages 7 – 12.  Five are speaking parts but can be reduced to three. 

   Must sing, dance, act

•One child or youth ballerina.  Formal training not required.  Must sing, dance, act            

•One youth boy and 3 younger boys (elementary, toddler and infant) with similar ethnicity if possible.            

•Four to eight children ages 5 – 8.

•Minimum, six youth/adult dancers.  Maximum, as many as stage size allows.  Must dance, act

•Minimum, four youth/adults to play extra soldiers.  Maximum, as many as stage size allows. 

   Must dance, act

•It is also recommended to have 3 to 6 live background singers, off stage.  A choir may be added as well.



•Miss Byrd



•Old Prentice (Can be doubled by the Prince)


•Evil Lord/Jester 







•Petula (twin)

•Pernilla (twin)

•Prince D’straction

•Prince D’Lusion

•Prince D’Ception



•Young Prince Youth (non speaking)

•Young Prince Child (non speaking)

•Young Prince Toddler (non speaking)

•Young Prince Baby (non speaking)

•Bear Family (3) (non speaking)

•Puppy Family (3) (non speaking)

•Bunny Rabbits (2) (non speaking)

•Baby Doll (non speaking)

•Cake Carriers (2)(non speaking, part of Townspeople/Dancers)

•Cake Decorator (non speaking, part of Townspeople/Dancers)

•Material Girls (non speaking, part of Townspeople/Dancers)

•Additional School Children (not required)



     The stage is set in a wood, under a large Willow tree.  At the top of the Willow is the Perfect Kingdom where the King          reigns on his throne.   At the base, is the Undercanopy Land where the people reside.   



To peruse this show, please complete the perusal application.  Upon approval, you will receive a code giving you online access to the entire script and the performance video for a period of 45 days.  This can be shared with up to 2 other people. 



To license this show, please complete the license application.  You should receive a response within two weeks from the date your application is received.


Once your application is approved, you will receive your contract.  It must be signed by the Pastor or a legal representative of your church or organization.  Print and mail to CDP enclosing the $100 Non-Refundable Security Fee listed below.  Once it has been signed by CDP, you will receive your license and have access to the online resources listed below.


           What You Get:  
                A license with CDP allows your church or organization to legally produce and perform this show for the specified

     time agreed on between CDP and your church or organization.  It also gives you access to the following through                  our secure website:


•Script.  Up to 40 hard copies allowed to be printed.  Emailing or posting scripts to any Internet 

•Survival Guide to Producing Productions Workbook

•Director’s Reference Videos   

•Choreography Instructional Videos

•Performance Video

•Costume Gallery with recommended patterns, cost & materials or rental options

•Set Design Guide

•Lighting Guide

•Audio Guide

•Effects Guide

•Cast Guide

•Props Guide

•Budget Worksheet

•Advertising Resources

•Rehearsal Schedule Example

•Mp3 audio tracks

•Lead sheets w/choir or small group background vocals

•Audition Form

•Video clip for advertising

•Underscore options for radio & TV ads

•CDP Talent Release Form


           Licensing Fees & Requirements:


     Non-Refundable Security Fee: 

A non-refundable security fee of $100 is required to secure the performance at your venue and must be paid upon the signing and return of your contract.


     Licensing Fee: 

A licensing fee of $500 is required at least six months prior to your performance dates and allows full access to a secure site providing all the necessary production materials.  If paid prior to that date, it allows immediate access to certain items such as the script and various production guides.


     Performance Royalty: 

Performance royalties will be quoted in the contract, taking into consideration items such as the amount of seats in the venue, amount of performances, and  whether the show is to be amateur or professional,  ticketed or free.  


     Refundable Materials Deposit:

A refundable deposit of $150 is required with the Licensing Fee and will be refunded upon returning the hard copies of the script, vocal charts, orchestrations and any CD or DVDs copied, minus any shipping/handling charges or outstanding balances.


     Consultant Fees and Requirements:

A CDP Consultant is required for first time performances of any CDP show.   Fees will be quoted in the contract.  If you and your organization have produced large-scale productions successfully, lesser consulting options may be available upon request.   Regarding Consultants:

•Church must Skype or bring in  Consutlant for initial administrative meetings to discuss venue, promotion,      stage design, lighting plan, audio plan, budget, costuming, production team, etc.

•Church must Skype or bring in Consultant for drama, vocal & dance auditions.

•Church must have final casting as well as stage, lighting & audio design approved by the Consultant.  

•Church must fly/bring in Consultant for final inspection at least ten days prior to performances and provide    housing (hotel), per diem and ground transportation.  



No refunds will be issued within 45 days of the scheduled performance dates.  Licensing fees will be refunded for shows cancelled prior to that time.  Performance Royalties would not be collected. The Materials Deposit will be refunded if requirements are met.  There are no refunds for consulting fees at any time.



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